Handwork allows me to connect with stillness stitch by stitch.


Linda A. Miller - Fiber Artist

Coming to quilting with a varied background in fine arts and textiles, I have embraced the fiber art medium.  My work can be found in international exhibitions, private and public collections.  In 2005 I developed The Bhavana Project, a community work based on Tibetan prayer flags.  Visit the site

I lead contemplative creative process workshops. 

I am a certified yoga teacher with 30 years of experience specializing in adaptive techniques.

With gratitude I acknowledge the encouragement and guidance of my teachers.


Rivulets, 2010, art quilt by Linda A. Miller Fiber Artist

Joy in process drives my art making.  It is how I respond to beauty.  I translate my impressions from water, earth, or light through mark making that is applied to fabric or to other forms.  Often the materials themselves inspire the work.  Cloth is my ideal medium for creating rich texture, lending itself to manipulations by paint, water, or heat.  I have used shrinkage, painting, appliqué and hand embroidery.  I enjoy the physicality of hand stitching.  Working intuitively, I allow curiosity to lead me through experimentation as the piece unfolds.  Discovery nourishes my creative path.


Fluid Fissure 3,art quilt by Linda A. Miller Fiber Artist

The practices of art making, meditation and yoga have common threads, in that all help bring me back to my senses in the present moment.  In that aliveness I more fully appreciate the making process which naturally flows into other areas of my life.  I aspire to share what I have learned through teaching so others may also benefit and experience joyful creativity.

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