Online Stitch Circle

Monthly on Saturday, 1:00 – 3:00 pm PST

Upcoming in 2023- all 4th Saturdays except: 11/18.  No meeting in December.


The monthly Stitch Circle is an online meditation-based group.  Taking a meditative approach to the creative process of stitching allows us to connect to our senses, be more present, and make discoveries about our world and ourselves.  As we sit in our virtual space and stitch together, the ability to touch into our inter-relatedness grows.  We build community.

The invitation of this ongoing circle is to come as you are, being willing to listen and to share with consideration.  Each meeting has its own flavor, depending on who shows up.  Join us!

Supply List:

Gather up your needles, hooks, thread, yarn, or cloth and join us.  OR: paper, string, wire, staples, tape, scissors, glue, etc.  Experiment with what can you stitch with!  Non-stitchers welcome.  Bring your drawing, painting, or writing materials.

Consider the verb “to stitch”: to fasten, join, or close with; to make, mend, or decorate with. 

Please go to: la.shambhala  to register and receive the Zoom link.                $15 program price





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