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Breathing into Change

February 7, 2020 by Linda A. Miller

What changes when we approach… resolutions not as acts of self-improvement but rather as invitations to walk with our whole selves (however messy) toward new ways of being or doing?

Kristin Lin – On Being Newsletter 1/2020

The workshops I lead are intended to encourage participants to develop curiosity while making discoveries about themselves and their world. Linking meditation with creative process can open space for this to occur.  Relevant for the new year and new decade, aspiration was the theme from my recent Threads workshop in January.

The root of aspiration comes from aspirare which translates as “to exhale, to breathe upon, the action of breathing into”. We wish for change, and by aspiring, literally give it breathing room to grow.

With that contemplation in mind, the group was set free to use what called to them from the available supplies of fabric, paper, thread, paint, crayon, threads, yarn, glue and more. Quiet descended while everyone played, later sharing discoveries made. It was a delightful day!

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