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paper collage lino print Linda A. Miller 2018

Making and Re-Making

July 30, 2018 by Linda A. Miller

I recently found more old student artwork, missed when cleaning out several years ago.  It was interesting to see this work from my early years.  Some I documented before letting it go, while keeping a selection of formative sketchbooks that showed a progression of skills.

Back then I drew constantly, observing family, friends, and myself.  Drawing also from television, photos, and in public venues (including airport departure lounges in the pre-TSA days), all the while developing the 10,000 hours of skill building.  It was a time of less responsibilities.  Reflecting on how I use my time now, there are many other priorities and non-priorities that can get in the way.  Yet spending some time each day making, even in small increments, deepens my appreciation of the process.  This is part of the reason I do stitch meditations.  The other reason is I love to create.  I encourage you to make something, too!


A gallery of early self portraits:

self portrait, pencil drawing, Linda A. Miller 1970

1970, pencil drawing


self portrait ink Linda A. Miller 1972

1972, ink drawing


self portrait, lino block print, Linda A. Miller 1973

1973, linoleum block print


Re-making of old and new:

Cloth, printed drawing, applique, quilted Linda A. Miller 2009

Self Portrait, 2009 – Mixed media, scanned drawing on cloth, fused, embellished, quilted.


paper, embroidery, applique fiber art Linda A. Miller

Self Portrait 2018- Mixed media, hand embroidery, scanned drawing on paper fused to cloth.


For this last piece I cut up some of my old business cards, assorted papers and lino print (seen above) to create a mosaic-like image.

paper, lino print self portrait Linda A. Miller 2018

Mosaic 3 – cut paper collage


Food for thought from a related Painter’s Key post: In Praise of Drawing

“We consume drawings rather than make them. There are easier ways to collect images than to draw them.”





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